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I’ve always had a passion for the big three: pizza, bread, and pasta.  being a second generation Italian American form New York, I couldn’t help it.  For years and years I reveled in the joys of fresh crusts and homemade gnocchi.  Then I moved to Hawaii!  There a lot of awesome things about this state but not many shops and restaurants can compete with the Big Apple’s slices.  And there is no one on earth that is gonna come close to grandma!  

Even as I became more health conscious my passion for flour-based delectables grew.  As you can imagine being a fan of the big three isn’t exactly good for the old pasta belly.  About 4 years or so ago I decided to do something about it and lose all the weight.  And that’s when I started reading the labels on all the food I was buying.  After about 4 months I was 45 pounds lighter and I had one rule:  If I couldn’t pronounce one of the ingredients on label, I couldn’t buy it.  Now if you really think about it, why should there be a long list of ingredients on any given bread when all you need is flour, yeast and water!

The final piece of the pizza bread and pasta puzzle came when I got married.  Here again my concern was eating healthy, and affordably.  While my wife and I were dating I started to dabble in making my own pizza doughs, and stuffed ravioli.   There is nothing like homemade Italian food if you are looking to seduce a woman!  After we got married she took over the cooking for the weekdays, but the weekend belonged to me.  And you guessed it, we started having pizza on Friday, pasta on Saturday, and Sunday bread.  What was really helpful was making sandwich loafs because then I got delicious sandwiches packed for lunch everyday to bring to work.

And yes, we are saving lots of money doing this.  Bread can be expensive, especially the fancy kind made by those guys with the big white hats.  And if you wanna go out to eat Italian in Hawaii every week you’re either gonna have to get an extra job or open up the restaurant yourself.

So having not known anything about where those delicious pizza, breads, and pasta from childhood came from to longing for them in my new tropical home, I finally have gone full force into this long held passion.  And let me tell you when I first started out, and I haven’t been doing it all that long, I baked a few bricks.  But it turns out making fresh homemade pizza, bread, and pasta is easy, fast, and only requires simple and and readily available ingredients.  Trust me, if a regular guy like me can do, it so can you.

Please follow me as I delve deeper into the wonderful world of pizza, bread, and pasta.

Aloha and Boun Appetito.

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