Making Homemade Pasta – 5 reasons why you should!


Orecchiette handmade with semolina flour.

You owe it to yourself to make homemade pasta.  Why?  Because it’s easy and tastes far superior to store bought dried pasta or even the “fresh” kind you get for the big money. Homemade pasta is soft, cooks fast in boiling water, and has no preservatives or weird stuff you can’t pronounce.  It is the real thing, pure, and simple.

  1. Making homemade pasta requires only the most simple of ingredients.  It only takes two ingredients: flour and water.  Sure you can add salt, and eggs, but it is not really necessary. If you can’t handle flour, eggs, and salt, you probably should not be making scrambled eggs either!
  2. Making homemade pasta doesn’t take any special equipment.  You may be thinking “don’t you need a pasta machine, or at the very least a rolling pin”.  The answer is an emphatic NO!  There are many kinds of pasta like orrechiette and cavatelli which require only mixing the ingredients by hand, and then shaping out the dough, also by hand.  If you ever played with Play-Doh when you were a kid, then you already have plenty of experience!
  3. Making homemade pasta is cheaper than the store bought kind.  There are plenty of estimates out there, but to keep it simple, homemade pasta costs about half what store bought pasta cost.  And I am talking about the dry kind. So let’s just say with $3.00 you could feed 8 people.   Now if you want to compare your fresh, gourmet pasta with what you would pay at a restaurant, well then take your best guess.  I am pretty sure fresh pasta at a restaurant is going to run you at least $20 a plate, and it unclear exactly how fresh it is.
  4. Making homemade pasta is healthier than store bought pasta.  I know what you’re thinking.  Pasta is not healthy, period.  Well, if you make it by hand, you have control over what goes in the dough.  I have made pasta with whole wheat before, and it is possible to mix flour with spinach and other vegetables to get an extra boost of vitamins.  Even if you use all purpose unbleached flour, you can at least be sure you are getting better quality carbohydrate than what the big commercial brands use.  Still not convinced, look at the ingredients on the labels of some the major brands of pasta.
  5. Making homemade pasta is romantic and fun.  Perhaps the number one reason you should make homemade pasta is that it’s  fun.  Get yourself a glass wine, put on some Frank Sinatra, and take your time enjoying an old world tradition.  Get you kids involved, they’ll love it.  And if it’s date night, trust me, nothing gets you in the mood more than simmering sauce along smooth fettuccine drying on a pasta rack.  It’ll be like your date has VIP access to the kitchen of the most swanky Italian restaurant in town.

There are many great reasons why making homemade pasta is a good idea, but the taste alone should be enough!  So what are you waiting for?