Experiments in Bread Shaping


Sometimes I like to make a whole bunch of dough and leave it in the fridge.  This helps the flavor and I get to make fresh bread everyday.  The other day I decided it was getting a little old and it was time to bake it all. The recipe was a tried and true Honey Whole Wheat blend but even with the same old dough, I wanted to make it new.  That’s when it hit me.  It was time to start experimenting with how to shape bread.  I was going for dinner roll shapes and here’s what I learned.

Braid your Bread

Being a man who buzzes his head once a week  I had no idea how to this, but my wife was quite the master at this technique. The bread came out looking beautiful and pulled

apart easily when eating.  This is a technique I will certainly use again.

My wife helped me braid the dough.

Cinnamon Roll Style

Okay, picture a cinnamon roll.  Roll out a rope of dough, then flatten the rope.  Now roll the flat rope up until it looks like, well, a cinnamon roll, except in my case it was a Honey Whole Wheat Roll, still good, beautiful texture, and airy in the center.

The Many Folds Technique

Fold from out to center to get a nice shaped dough.

I came up with this one all by myself.  First make a ball with the dough. Then flatten it out.  Now take a one side and fold it to the center.  Then take another side and fold it to the center.  Keep going until you made something that looks like a star or flower or use your imagination, whatever!  Either way you end up with something artsy that also crisps up well in a hot oven.Not all of my experiments went well but it was sure fun to play with the dough like a little kid playing with..well..play-doh.

How do you shape your dough?


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